Thursday, 9 June 2011


Dear guys,
I want to tell you that Im really frustrated of what happenned 2day..Im so competetive but please don't be such pushy akak form3...I know you are good,but please,give me a chance to speak up..and cikgu,Im sorry but.dhsdgsdqsguqgfgfgegfugefggf.......
Guys,walau apa pun,please give everyone a chance to speak up..they have ability but they nid time..althougjh TIME HEALS..but,skearang hati sedang bergelora panas ni...
Aku yang terlebih dahulu cikgu cop untuk padu suara..mengapa tiba-tiba tukar orang?I bukan tak puas hati ngan kejayaan orang but please la give me a chance to improve..The song terlalu istimewa memang kurengg with my vocal..And i tried..and even form 1 nak berlagak pandai..Im not that stupid laaa...please...><
I learnt vocal officially at YAMAHA..and Im very sorry u said that I used my suara kerongkong..GO AWAY LA WDHFGYEGFWGI....
Tanpa pengetahuan and some time to improve,cikgu dah ambil orang lain..they embarassed infront the losers...

Saturday, 4 June 2011

Snsd -

My holidays in P.D.last 4 weeks kot..keke

Dear Guys@girls,
how are you all doing?suke gilaa editing this crap blog..:)
nak cerita sepatah dua kata ttg hols di sana,duduk di Chorus Hotel..quite okay,but the service is so..freaky.....(speechless)I shared the room with my dearest nenek and sofea,my adik..Our journey mmg penat,tapi menyeronokkan..nak hiburkan hati masing2 dan especially nenek yang memang bagi nye P.D nostalgic gilAA!mmg menyeronokkan lah,mandi laut lagi..and nenek just menikmati keindahan P.D. Tanpa join kitorang main di gigi pantai..:)
ni gambar2,

sebenarnye banyak lagii..~tapi nak tggu die upload..huihh,sampai tadi boleh jemur kain la..and angkat kain lepas balik dr cerita 4 minggu lalu ,dan cerita ke cherating tu baru berlaku 2 semalam,berlaku selama dua hari,hari keluarga..yang plaing dulu pun,16 tahun yg lalu..dasyatkan?and by the way,nenek,jgn ckp pasalh death..I LOve You..:)
ALYAA' Jabar

Friday, 3 June 2011

Uncover the real you..

Dear readers,
As the love keep spreading ..let me share some tips and stories I found..:)
Dear Dr. Tracy,

Today, my boyfriend left for Australia from USA (where we live), in which he will be staying for 160 days. He couldn't get out of the trip. During this time, I will not be able to see him, and I'll rarely get to talk to him. He's the only guy I've ever loved, and I'm the only girl he's ever loved, so his leaving is extremely hard on both of us.
The main issue is I feel as if his missing me will ruin his good time, so I was contemplating ending things so he could further enjoy his trip. This way, he'd spend 10-15 days being sad, then he'd get over it, versus 160 days of him missing me. I'm uncertain whether I should break things off, and get back together with him when he returns (if we still feel the same), or if I should stay with him and ruin his trip, but hope things work out when he returns.

Dear Uncertain,

Of course you shouldn't break up with your boyfriend to keep him from missing you. Missing you will be better than his feeling miserable the whole time he's away, wondering why you broke up with him and feeling sad. He'd feel much worse that way than missing you would make him feel
Besides, missing you will be good for him and for your relationship. There's nothing like missing someone to make you realize how much you really care for that person and how much they mean to you.

Let him miss you, and he'll come back better for it. Break up with him and there's no guarantee that he won't hook up with someone else in Australia and not be available to you when he gets back. So why take chances with a break up when you have everything going for you by letting him miss you?

You wouldn't want to lose the only guy you ever loved by doing something so foolish as breaking up for no real reason.

Good luck,

Dr. Tracy
Ini adalah contoh yang ku copy and paste di internet ye?just for the sake of view..:)So for me,if you have probs,pls open ur mind and share with the person you trust.Like me,I tried talking to counsellor..bersembang*malay mode(bak kata hanis hazidi,kan?)jadikan saat itu macam di kedai kopi,samaada nak pilih

...keke...or u can choose what ever u want..NO OFFENSE..try to improve ur communicating skills with those trusted..I know..I know..dah terlebih improve..but,why not give it a try..sometimes things are not what as we expected..I received betrayal..I know the feelings..It's okay even if it's hurt(teringat lagu Unnie Seo hyun)its ok,u still have the rest of people whu wants to know u moree..believe why not give it a worthwhile try?Like,talking to ur mother often,sisters:)and friends..
ya know,life is short,and only ONCE!There's no turning back..
Okay let's move on..wanna impress a guy..?
Heres some tips..
Learn his language!If he skateboards for example,know the difference between a heel flip and a switch..Lucky me the guy loves do I...ohh crap..that's impossible!Siwon oppa again?GOD,Alyaa!ur so mad..(handsome guys,make me faint everytime,but Im loyal to Siwon Choi)p.s.kalau korang rasa gedik,tak baca..:),and and and by the way,dia selebriti ye,jgn salah faham..:)
(handsome tak?suju boy)!
and thats my first tip,secondly,just be yourself,while I know Tiffany Hwang(my bias from SNSD)is kinda different when she's with guys,But theres difference!
1)She just kinda sound weird when talking to a guy.Tbe2 Pitching jadi tinggi!tapi,what ever u are,jus be nice to guys,,:)Tiffany,i love You1and whatmore 2 say,my Yuri Kwon,always peek the six packs of a guy..whu wuldnt want that?Just try ur best,and know their language..tgk gmbar di atas...cocok kan Siwon dengan Yoona?hehehe..dengan Alyaa' pun cocok.:P(uwekk)
okay tu saje tips yang berlegar di fikiranku..
Ni tips ngan kawan lak,Sometimes, the best way to be a good friend is to risk losing the friendship completely. It sounds crazy but it's true. If you want to do the right thing for your friend, you've got to risk having her hate you in order to give her the advice she needs to hear.

Tell her exactly how you feel. Get it all out. And if she refuses to listen or she just blows you off, talk to her parents about what's been going on. The alternative is sitting back and watching while she endangers herself, and that's just not an option.

She'll probably hate least for a little while. But eventually she'll see that you were trying to help. If she doesn't realize that, then her friendship probably wasn't worth preserving anyway. (if ur frens have some sort of probs,thatn makes her very sensitive,u will have to take those risks...I know it will hurt,but she'll know how precious u are...and how worthwhile it would be being a fren to you..(srry for my terrible English,Takde mood nak tules grammatically)
Sangat2 setuju dgn pendapat di atas tu..:)
by the way,pernah rasa jeles?here!
If you often find urselve envious,write down many things as u could that make u feel good about urselve .Now,pat urselve on the back!And think of other people whu are envious to you too..~~~
Realise that every problems have solutions,it just the matter of how you deal with it..try to communicate helps a lot..:)trust me..
Maybe this blog has no commercail AT ALL..but I believe I cann..WHOAAA!
My wishes..?Sowaneun Marebwa...hehe(Tell Me Your Wish )

My First wish is..
I want me and my families to live longer and be the happiest of all..
Secondly,I wanna meet SNSD..(up there)0or wanna more fun pics?

3)Tae yeon
Fun images..hehe..sorry la over nak post mengepost gmbr..

I really want to meet those inspirational girls..for me they exist clearly and exactly infront of my eyes,eventhough I currently tampal posters..itupun rsenye macam dorang berada depan I..:)
third wishes?Berkahwin dan dapat anak yang soleh dan solehah dan ke ai..macam mak die..:P
Fourth wishes,nak kabulkan permintaan,mak dan ayah,mariam mohd nizar,mama ani,daniel,haikal(tak nak mengaku tapi kau cukup hebaat dan berani masuk asrama),my besties,siti2 nurul jannah and erina,satu kelas aku,melora,sab,auntie rozy,uncle shah,sorry la tak mention reza coz u have everything u want..
I think I want my life goes on and on..and on and on and on...
btw,gembiralah macam saya!tengok anak dara ni(saya)hehe,


Operasi Diet ALYAA

Dear guys,
Terfikir nak families said I am thin(berapa taon sudah?)haha..sekarang ni rasenye I have put on weight~!Walaupun tengok penimbang berat tu pun dah seram...betul kata kak dilah,well~sometimes penimbang berat ni kadang2 1 or 2 kg berlainan ...namun 1-2 kg tu bermakna sangat..kira2 1 kg emas..berat tak?mestilah kan?!
Operasi 1:Makan oat sahaja..ade sorang chinese ni on tv,kurang byk gilerr and she says,die tak makan breakfast and dinner..OMG!I cannot survive like that..Jadi dead fish trus...btw,aku gemuk tak..?
gemuk tak?p/s ni gmbr 5 bulan lalu..kekeke...
Secondly,makan oat lah kalau tak leh survive sampai macam tu sekali..kan kan?btw,I dah makan mihun satu bungkus,hot chocolates and roti untuk breakfast..?apa macam...???
Dah lah aku ni tak aktif,macam mana la nak berjaya ?aku nak join cik Siti2 nurul jannah punye operasi diet lagh..:)
Keputusan periksa?tunggu masuk sekolah,bru tau..alamak!!!8,9,10 latihan koir.......(speechless)and Im going to reperesent mys school(peringkat daerah)on singing padu suara with 3 other girls..nak kutip sijill!~
Guys,doakan kejayaan aku yer?semoga anda juga akan berjaya.Semoga kejayaan anda diiringi kegemmbiraan yang tersayang..(ALYAA,KAU NI DAH LAH PRESIDENT PRS,bagi nasihat macam bombastik,padahal diri sendiri?keke..:)
btw,pengaruh nak jadi lagi kurus ni dari my girls,SO NYEO SHI DAE!@SNSD..salah satunye yang ade badan paling lawa:

SOO YOONG yang berusia 22 tahun dan berat badannya 45 kilogram..beza dehh with me!ish3..unnie,youre so charming!~doakan ye?!

My adventure to Cherating,Pahang..

Dear guys,Assalamualaikum.
My trip to Cherating is coz hari keluarga among 3 buah keluarga.It's full of love and fun!
Our place setting is dekat Impiana Resort,well,thanks to P.C. Man sekeluarga..Arif,the pilot,Akmal the pianist,thanks amik gambar banyak2..rase macam di Hollywood pulak..xD..Pak Cik Man,thanks segala2nya..kirenye,dari hulu sungai,ke hilir sungai,sehingga mencecah pasir juga(ayat apa ni?)well,u may not read this,bcoz my blog is sooo unfamous bak kata famous amos..kan kan hanis hazidi?hihi
Tak kesa lah tak famous,asalakn jadi pengubat rindu dan kenangan yang tak dapat dijuaal beli..
First nite,we went for a turtle watching trip,.we berkesempatan memegang baby turtle yang berusia dlm lingkungan 1-2 jam.Sangat comel.Ke ai ...I gave mine ,Tiffany..sbb dah bias gilerr ngan snsd..:)

Then,we thought yang sekitar pasir tu turtle yang tgh mengeran tu,rupa2nye ranger,kuang3...turtle tu pandai gali lubang sendiri..Keajaiban Allah s.w.t.rasa seronok sangat..dapat eexperience macam ni..setengah orang tak berpeluang buat bende2 cam ni,so I conseidered lucky..thank P.C.Man..sorry to say,I love all of you..saranghae..(sipu2 malu)
Pastu bende paling extreme terjadi..tbe2 hujan lebat ..pulak..mula2 rintik2 macam cite romantik Korea,so ingat takde mende,pastu trus hujan lebat.!apa lagi?!LARILAH JAWABNYE!~
Kalau macamtu,baik wat adegan romantik,panggil pelakon korea sorang untuk aku..kalau boleh pilih I want this:

hehe..ape aku ni?melialu sana sini..beselah perempuan,kalau melilau tu dari A bukan ke B,jawabnye ke F ke, random gilaa..kalau nak samakan bawa kereta,mesti accident..kuang3
tak lupe kpd,keluarga pak cik Boy(Janaton)tak biase panggil Pak Janaton?haha..begitu juga keluarga pak cik Ashi ,terima kasih gilaa yang tak terhingga kpd Haziq,Nabil dan Hakim(dgn jampi serapah yang kau bawak dari siam hahahha)Haziq,comel sangat!Nabil?Handsome.,nakal..kelakar...Hakim...susah aku nak describe kau..ish3..
Nurul?baik,tpi nape takde time amik gambar?tak patut..nengkali join ajerr...thanks kpd auntie hanim,(balut jadi Mumia)hehe...
Pak Cik Ashi,ambil gmbar byk2,download lah yerr..?

Mama Sarah,nothing lot 2 say,THANK YOU!dari ubat gigi ke perfume...hehe..:)
Akmal,I want advance sikkit,ajar main note B?hhehe
Next our journey sambung ke kelip2,banyak gambar,nak tgk?
Mmg seronok tak terhingga!!!!
naseb tak hujan macam hari sebelumnye..hehe..mmg best,tak delah nak tgkp kelip2 tu sndiri,thanks to arif again..sry la terkill your kelip2..ish3...pemusnah ,,,
Balik2,nenek and mak dah tggu makan..yumm2...suro hakim je yang amikan ..GOMAWO..
Credits to Cik Man again and Cik Boy..Hakim tu ish3..tak terkata makannnye..dasyat!
Apa2 pun,semua orang happy !
Cantik2 gambar,keke..tambah lagi kalau orang nye cantik2..:P
Mak,thanks you,organiser la,Hakim!Jangan habeskan chocolates..!AYAH,thansk you adik..?wat pe nak thank you,u shud thank me..hehe,NO OFFENSE!
ni all for nenek,semoga nenek enjoy walaupun kebanyakan acara nenek tak dapat join..ttg what I wish for?I wish you live longer and enjoy ur life..that's my wish..:)
Gambar2 yang saya suke semase di sanaaa..
rajin2 la baca lagi..:)

Banyak nye celoteh di sini ye??
thanks2 banyak walaupun takdek org yang nak membacenye,.kuang3..
beselah tak HOT,COOL AJERR..:)
Again..again again,